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Interior Designer Kelli Ellis

You’ve likely seen Kelli as the featured designer on TLC’s Clean Sweep, two season’s of HGTVs Takeover my Makeover, and episodes of of Value Booster’s, Move or Improve, and The House Therapist. You’ve watched Kelli design homes and offices on Bravo’s, Real Housewives of Orange County. On HGTV’s #1 Holiday hit, Celebrity Holiday Homes, Kelli added season sparkle to a Haylie Duff’s and Lorenzo Lamas’ homes.

An accomplished interior designer, Certified Life Coach and Design Psychology Coach, Kelli received her Certification in Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute in California. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing from California State University Fullerton, a Law school education from Western State University and a liberal arts education from The University of London. Her international schooling and extensive travel have given Kelli a unique perspective in her design work, which has been published in numerous national and international magazines including Traditional Home, Riviera Modern Luxury, LUXE Magazine, CA Home and Lifestyle, Better Homes and Gardens, Las Vegas Luxury Magazine, Image, Dabble Magazine and Hearst publications Nationwide.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I love the eclectic look! I feel a vintage piece or two adds provenance and character to a room that can’t be replicated. I welcome using heirloom and must-have decor from my clients, it presents a challenge and excitement to the job.


Kelli Ellis, Crestview Project



What is the most important element of interior design?

That my client “feels” right in the space. I am a Design Psychology Expert and created a program for designers and life coaches, through the Spencer Institute. The very most important element of any design is “feeling” and its congruency with the occupant of the home.

Kelli Ellis, Channing Project


Do you have any advice for someone who is having trouble discovering their personal style?

Yes, most people know what they don’t like. Finding the style that speaks to you can be a task. I ask my clients to do a bit of homework before we meet. Gather 10-12 magazines and jump online to collect your favorite home decor pictures. You needn’t know why you like a photo or style just collect it and keep it. Once you review the pictures, you’ll notice a pattern and style start to emerge. Your style!

Kelli Ellis, Channing Project


What is the most common question you are asked by clients?

What color do I paint the walls!? Color scares most people, yet it is the easiest element to change. Most do not know what to do with paint and how to properly chose a color.

Kelli Ellis, Henderson Project


What is your favorite color today?

Black is my favorite “color”. Everything pops off of black. It can be dramatic or used minimally. I love it!

Kelli Ellis Alexa Border Marble and Mirror Tile


Where do you find inspiration?

I need to see an item in person to really remember it and incorporate it into my designs, so going to the markets is really important for me. I love to hop the flea and antique markets to find those vintage pieces I adore.

Kelli Ellis, Spyglass Project



Do you have any favorite design bloggers or websites?

YES, I am doing online design projects for Decoritst using products you can buy online! I create your room and you buy and install according to the design plan I create for you! It’s a fantastic way to design the look of your home with help from an experienced interior designer from the comfort of your own home and computer. I read Ladolcevita blog religiously, written by my dear friend Paloma Contreras.


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