Featured Designer: Julie Evarts

When she’s not styling homes and planning parties, Julie is a top design blogger. Her blog, Burlap & Crystal is all about inspiring others to live life in a stylishly delicious way. She doesn’t believe that style is just about décor, “Style is a way of life, it’s how we treat people, appreciate all we have and show up each day choosing to be happy and making the most of it.” Currently Julie is working with multiple clients virtually through her blog and has a successful design practice in San Diego, California where she is currently working on residential projects and Restaurants.

Julie Evarts of Burlap & Crystal

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Personally I’m eclectic California casual, but for my clients I’m a chameleon. I really guide my clients to discover their own style and help them bring it to life.

Julie Evarts of Burlap & Crystal


Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere, color, patter, texture, inspiration is endless for me. I get so inspired by my clients when they have a special love for something. That kind of inspiration can set the stage for defining the client’s style to life.

Julie Evarts of Burlap & Crystal


Do you have any advice for people who are intimidated by interior designers?

You will never know how good things could turn out if you don’t try. Working with an interior designer is a personal relationship. You have to like each and have mutual respect for each other’s voice. A designer should be able to add value to what you want to achieve in the design process. One of the things I tell all my clients when we begin the design process is, this process is not about me designing for you; it’s about us collaborating together to bring your style out in the very best way.

Julie Evarts of Burlap & Crystal


Tell us about your latest project. How did it come about? How did it go? What was the biggest lesson you learned from that project?

I actually have several projects going that are all being done virtually. They come to me from all over US for my design services through my blog. It’s an amazing and effective process communicating through pictures, e-mails and phone calls. The clients have a big roll in the design process, because they have to do homework, like taking measurements, building Pinterest boards and taking pictures. One of the biggest lessons I have learned doing virtual design is how you can build strong friendships without ever actually meeting each other. It’s a sweet blessing!

Julie Evarts of Burlap & Crystal


Due you have any style rules.

Remove fear from your vocabulary. The style process is not going to hurt or put you in harms way. Don’t be afraid of paint. It is inexpensive and can completely transform a space. If you don’t like it…try another color. If you are afraid of making a mistake with a design purchase, find out about the return policy. If a reasonable policy is in place, then there is nothing to fear.

Julie Evarts of Burlap & Crystal


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