Featured Designer: Amanda Forrest

Amanda Forrest is a tastemaker and an individual with the quality of experience and creativity that tantalizes and delights the sight, sound and music of life. Her organized and professional expertise is rivaled only by her whimsical explosions of thoughts, deeds and design. A comprehensive background in construction, building and trades management is complimented by Amanda’s ability to feel, breathe and consume your desires. A formal design education, enhanced by over 15 years of practical application has brought Amanda into the forefront of the lifestyle, media and design industries. Her expert appearances on The Marilyn Denis Show are lauded for their artistic flair and practicality for the average world. The International Builders Show, Interior Design West, National Home Show Toronto, Canadian Living, Benjamin Moore and creative consultations for Metrie are all part of Amanda’s spectacular line up of speaking, photography and media representations. Amanda is comfortable with the camera and her audience, her personality has a natural ability to relate to individuals and groups with equal personalization and connection. Her professionalism and expertise, coupled with light touches of humour, provide the credibility and reassurance today’s market is seeking.


What would be your dream project?

Any project involving the beach, water and sun is a dream project for me!

Amanda Forrest

Do you have any style rules?

1. Mix Patterns

2. Add Whimsy

3. Be Dramatic


Amanda Forrest

What is your favorite color today?

I am completely crushing on a navy blue and apple green color scheme right now-it’s the perfect blend of color and interest while still having a timeless appeal.

Amanda Forrest

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