The Wonders of Sheesham Wood

Sheesham wood is the super wood you’ve probably never heard of. In the next few years, that’s all likely to change, especially as the effects of climate change become more and more prevalent. There’s a school of thought that implies that a sustainable wood used in furniture is, somehow, inferior or lightweight. But nothing could be further from the truth and Sheesham wood (also known as North Indian Rosewood) is a perfect example.

Why is Sheesham known as a super wood?


Sheesham wood is an extremely versatile and durable species due to its extreme tolerance to light frosts and long, dry seasons. While it is usually found growing near strong water sources below elevations of 3000 feet, it can be cultivated in ranges as high as 4500 feet.

It can withstand a temperature range of below freezing, to temps over 122 degrees. It can thrive in rainfall of 79 inches per year and be completely viable in over 4 months of drought. It can grow in sand, gravel and alluvium. It can even grow in sodium heavy soil too.

If you have land, Sheesham can grow in it. It doesn’t need any special soil, or gallons and gallons of water, which means that it is extremely economical and sustainable to grow.

But that isn’t all.

Sheesham is largely unaffected by mould and rot, and it’s hugely resistant to termites, which means that harsh chemicals and pesticides don’t need to be used on land where Sheesham grows.


But, sustainable means low quality doesn’t it? No, not in this instance.

It would be easy to make that assumption, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Sheesham wood is a perfect, sustainable, hardwood with many superior features for furniture making.

Sheesham wood has long been valued for its beautiful and robust wood along with its superior veneer, which is used in cabinetry, furniture, and in high-end woodwork. The wood has always been prized for its beauty, especially its extremely durable heartwood – which is a mix of dark brown and rich purple, with purple and brown ribbon growth streaks through it.

It’s a beautiful, durable, and sustainable wood that can be used for every type of woodworking.

It is one of the most popular woods in Scandinavian style furniture, where Sheesham’s beauty, durability, and sustainability, is used utilized to make every kind of chair, ornament, and table you can imagine.

It has also been used as a high-end veneer for wood panelling, doors, and cabinets for hundreds of years.

Eco Friendly Wood

Of course oak, teak, and other woods will always be there and remain a wonderful option for any kind of furniture you’d ever want. But if you’re someone who cares about the environmental impact of the wood you use in your furniture, then Sheesham is the wood for you. It uses less water and it can grow in soil that needs less preparation and hardly any pesticides. It can even grow in weather conditions and temperature ranges that would stunt or kill wood like oak, hazel, and mahogany.

And even if you’re not overly concerned about the environment, Sheesham provides a beautiful, durable, and long lasting hardwood (or veneer) that’s perfect for any room. Take a look of some wonderful examples of Christopher Knight Home products that feature Sheesham wood!


Christopher Knight Home Sheesham Counter Height Dining Table


Christopher Knight Home Sheesham Highlight Wash Accordian Console Table

Christopher-Knight-Home-Sheesham-Highlight-Wash-Accordian-Console-Table-f9c4a8c5-c744-4016-8a7b-76b75094eabd_600 (1)


Christopher Knight Home Sheesham Highlight Wash One-Drawer Writing


Christopher Knight Home Grayson Sheesham Two-door Wine Server