Tiki Terror!

Time for another Spooky Story! Come join my round the campfire again. I have a story close to my heart. A nice, suburban couple find themselves cursed when a very familiar object finds its way into their house. This is the start of Tiki Terror!

Tiki Terror!

“I am so lucky,” Pete thought. He wasn’t quite sure why he decided to stop at this estate sale. The house was big and nice. Everything was for sale.

Val had been bugging him for months (in that passive-aggressive way married people have) about getting new furniture, upgrading she called it. And she wasn’t wrong. Some of their stuff WAS looking threadbare. Valerie wanted to go online and get new stuff. Pete, however, liked getting to touch the things he bought. Plus, new stuff was going to be expensive, he decided. And there were deals to be had at an estate sale!

Which is how he ended up with a really nice looking set of nightstands.Spooky Story - Tiki Terror! nightstand

Loading them into the minivan wasn’t hard, even if he did bang his thumb in the process. Getting home was trickier. The car overheated and stalled. His and Val’s Triple-A expired the day before. He could renew it, of course, but he couldn’t get enough bars on his cell to make a call. So, he walked to a gas station in 90 degree heat and got some coolant for the car’s radiator. A guy ran a red light, almost hitting Pete as he crossed, but a good Samaritan managed to grab him by the collar and pull him back onto the curb. It was turning out to be quite the eventful day!

Val actually liked the nightstands. Their unique color even matched the room she wanted to put them in. Of course, Pete re-injured his thumb getting them up to the room, which made him dance around the room in pain, sucking on the hurt finger. But just before that, he thought he heard something roll around in the drawer. Favoring his twice banged up hand, Pete used his left one to pull open the drawer and pull out what looked to be a 13″ idol on a leather strap, Hawaiian looking.

artist rendition of tiki from Spooky Story - Tiki Terror

Artist Rendtion of Tiki

Fooling around, Pete put it on and went to show Val. She did not find it funny. Indeed, she had a very visceral reaction. Take it off! Misreading the situation, Pete got bolder and danced around even more, arms all akimbo. That is until his foot slipped on the hardwood floor and he bumped into the living room table, causing the heavy centerpiece to topple over and off the edge, missing his head by inches.

Then it was all “are you all right?” and “be more careful” and “Thank God, you didn’t hurt yourself” and a chorus of “I’m fine,” which lasted until a long silence set in. Val was really looking at the tiki. A look or realization, followed by a look of dread came across her face.

“I know what that is,” she said.

In fairness to Pete, he didn’t watch a lot of television growing up. Indeed, there wasn’t one in the whole house. He’d played Little League Baseball. There all seemed to be one adventure or another with his brothers and sisters, they never seemed to miss TV. When Val mentioned the name of a popular television show, Pete had no clue what she was talking about. But the gist was that the idol was cursed. So, you can forgive his reaction to the news, which was, “You’re kidding, right?”

She was not kidding. It lead to their first very big fight in their married lives. In hindsight, that should have been another clue for Pete…

Instead, he was even more resolved to wear the tiki!

That’s when things really started to go downhill.

The sure thing promotion at work started looking less and less like a sure thing. Somehow, he had managed to pick up the Chicken Pox, never having had it as a child. Val’s parents surprised them with a visit. Okay, that last one is not as dire, but still stressful!

In the meantime, Val did some digging into the estate where Pete had gotten the nightstands (and the idol). It was a rich, tech guy who had the whole world going for him until he took a trip to Hawaii just last month. His company folded. He got audited by the IRS. Then there was the bizarre circumstances around his death where he was attacked by a pony at a petting zoo, kicked him right in the chest.

At this point, even Pete had to concede something was up. They had to get this thing back to Hawaii fast! Now, all they have to do is figure out a way to get there because boarding an airplane with the tiki was a risky proposition at best!

The moral of this story should be really easy to see. If you need new furniture, order it from us at Christopher Knight Home. It’s reasonably priced, high quality and guaranteed to be tiki free!christopher-knight-home-two-door-media-cabinet