Can Furniture Be Haunted?

There can be many things wrong with a piece of furniture; it can be too big, the wrong kind of fabric, it can smell, or it can even have bed bugs. But did you know that furniture can also be haunted? It sounds ridiculous, or like something from a book, but there are documented cases of items of furniture causing strange, paranormal events – and even death. Can furniture be haunted? Could your stuff be haunted? Can furniture be possessed? Are antiques haunted? These are questions that can’t be dismissed out of hand.

We put together 10 real haunted furniture stories to show you that, yes, there is such a thing as cursed furniture.

1. The Conjure Chest

The Conjure Chest - Can Furniture Be Haunted?


In the mid 19th century, a slave owner by the name of Jacob Cooley murdered a slave called Hosea because he was displeased with the slave’s work. Hosea’s fellow slaves, disgusted by the murder, asked a conjurer to put a curse on the chest. As a result, 17 people close to Cooley passed away after being in contact with the chest, including his first born son. In theory, this curse was lifted by a “conjure woman,” making it safe to be in the Kentucky History Museum. Click on the photo above to hear a more detailed account of the curse.

2. Haunted Wisconsin Bunk Beds

Can Furniture Be Haunted - Haunted Bunk Bed Wisconsin

Alan and Debby Tallman purchased an innocuous looking bunk bed from a local junk shop in 1987. Suddenly, radios began turn themselves on and off in their home, the children became sick with an unexplained illness and an apparition of a witch would be seen walking the halls at night.

No one knows who made the beds, but the small town of Horicon, Wisconsin was besieged by stories of the supernatural emanating from the Tallman’s house for 9 months!

3. Chair of Death

Can Furniture Be Haunted? - Chair of Death

In Pennsylvania, there is a chair which many believe has caused the deaths of four people. Some say that if you sit on it to this day, the same fate will befall you. The 200 year old chair is said to have belonged to Napoleon and is haunted by a ghost named Amelia.

4.The Haunted Slave Mirror of Louisiana

Can Furniture Be Haunted? - 4.The Haunted Slave Mirror of Louisiana

In 1817, a slave named Chloe sought to win her master’s affection by poisoning his family before nursing them back to health – but got the dosages wrong, killing the wife and two children. Chloe confessed her sin to her fellow slaves, who killed her to prevent the blame falling on them. A mirror in the house was said to have trapped the souls of Chloe and her victims. To this day, people claim to see a dark skinned girl with a green headscarf in the mirror, which is kept in a Louisiana hotel. As well as smudges that can’t be removed. And handprints. Gulp.

5.The Dybbuk Box

Can Furniture Be Haunted? - The Dybbuk Box

In Jewish mythology, a dybbuk is a malicious spirit that takes possession of a host body. According to legend, this heirloom belonged to a Jewish woman who lived to the ripe old age of 103. That woman insisted the box was a prison for a dybbuk and should never be opened. It’s supposed to hold wine bottles. In 2003, the dybbuk box was put on eBay. Despite the warning, the new owner opened the box. One bad thing after another started to happen. He gave it to his mom, who immediately suffered a stroke. His sister took it for a while, but insisted the box would never stay shut. The guy was finally able to sell it again, but it got returned shortly later with a note that said “this has a bad darkness.”

6.The Silver Death Vase

Can Furniture Be Haunted? - The Silver Death Vase

No one really knows where the Basano Vase came from. People guess it’s from the 15th century. It last resurfaced in 1988 with a note that read “Beware, this vase brings death.” What to do, but to auction it off! An Italian man bought this vase for four million lira (around $2,300), and died four months later. It was then sold to another man, who also died within four months. The next owner? He died too; this time within three months. This continued for years until the police decided to bury the vase in a secret location.

7.The Hands Resist Him

Can Furniture Be Haunted? -The Hands Resist Him

This painting was sold by an anonymous seller on eBay in early 2000 and is said to be at the center of a number of paranormal events.

Apparently, the figures in the painting move around at night – sometimes disappearing from the canvas entirely. People who view it are said to feel sick and weak and adults have felt unseen hands grabbing at them when they look at it. Some have even seen the boy standing in the room where the painting is hung!

The original artist is surprised to hear about the stories that stem from his work. He based it on a photo his parents took of him and his friend. However, his description of what the painting means might give you pause. “There are memories, echoes of all the life within a place…The hands are the ‘other lives.’ The glass door, that thin veil between waking and dreaming. The girl/doll is the imagined companion, or guide through this realm.” Check out the artist’s self-portrait here. Yikes!

8.The Anguished Man

Can Furniture Be Haunted? - The Anguished Man

This painting and wooden frame is said to have been painted with a mixture of blood and paint by a suicidal man. Sources say it produces noises like voices and crying when displayed. Its owner has also said that when the painting is on a wall, it causes an apparition of a man to appear in her house.

The owner of this painting inherited it from his grandmother, who kept it in the attic, insisting the work was evil. When he hung it in his own house, his son fell down the stairs, his wife complained she felt someone stroking her hair and they say they saw the shadow man and heard him crying. He recorded some of this and posted on YouTube. Needless to say, it’s now in his basement and he’s no interest in selling to another.

9.The Whispering Wardrobe

Can Furniture Be Haunted? - The Whispering Wardrobe

This wardrobe was bought by a dealer in 2009. It’s an old World War 2 relic which is said to produce intense feelings of dread in people who own it. The story goes that two children died in the wardrobe when they were hiding from German bombers in 1942. Multiple people are said to have heard crying children inside the wardrobe at night.

10.Evil Chair

Can Furniture Be Haunted? - Evil Chair

In a small English village of Thirsk sits a cursed chair. As the story goes, a condemned prisoner ate his last meal sitting in this chair. When he finished, he cursed the chair and everyone to ever sit in it! One pub owner bought the chair and put it in his establishment, putting a “Do not sit in this chair” sign on it.

Here are just a handful of stories about the chair: Two soldiers didn’t believe, each sitting in the chair. They lost their lives in a car accident later that night. As recently as 1970, a mason scoffed at the curse and tried his luck. He died that very afternoon falling into a hole at his job site. A cleaning lady fell and accidentally landed in the chair. She passed away shortly after of a brain tumor. Having had enough, the pub owner donated the chair to a museum, who decided to hang it on the wall to ensure no one could sit in it again!

What To Do?

You could exorcise your old, cursed furniture – or burn it – or you could do yourself and your family a favor by just go online and buy some brand new furniture for your home!