How To Make Your Guest Bedroom Like A Hotel


There are many times in a year when your guest room becomes crucial, none more so than when the holidays hit and family comes to stay with you. Just because they are not staying in a hotel doesn’t mean you can’t give them that hotel experience! Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. It’s really more an attention to detail. The little things will make that visit much more pleasant for the guest and probably a little bit more pleasant for you too. Here are 12 things you should do to prepare your guest bedroom to get that hotel feeling.

How To Make Your Guest Bedroom Like A Hotel

1. Provide Basic Amenities

Everyone forgets something when they’re packing for travel. Put together a little basket filled with toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, soap, shampoo, etc. If the guest room has it’s own attached bathroom, put that basket in there. If not, leave it on a little table just inside the bedroom door.

2. Luggage Stand

Whether you’re re-purposing an ottoman or just plain get an metal luggage stand, it’s great to have a place to unpack from. If it’s a short trip, most people like to live out of that suitcase, so having a place to allow them to do that is really great. Otherwise, the suitcase is on the ground and your guest is constantly bending over. You’re older family members will most especially appreciate not having to have to do that!

3. List of Household Information

We live in the electronic age. Most likely, there’s WiFi in the house. Place a list with important information like WiFi passwords prominently in the room. Maybe leave it on the bed in a frame, so they can put it wherever they can easily find it when they need it. Also, tape a spare key to the house/apartment to this. Especially during the holidays, it’s less likely your guests will go anywhere without you, but it’s always nice to know you have the option! More information to put on the sheet: alarm code (if it exists) & where the thermostat is and how to use it (if it exists).

4. Temperature Control

If you don’t have central air/heat, then it’s good to have a couple of simple things that would allow a certain amount of control over how hot or cold the room is. A good fan aimed at the bed is helpful. If you have it, put an electric blanket on the bed. That will allow your guest to manage how hot it gets on their own. If you don’t have that, put at least one extra comforter folded up in on the bed next to the Info Sheet. Recommend using a hypo-allergenic filling in the comforter because some people are allergic to Down. Don’t make your guest choose between breathing and being warm.

5. Extra Pillows

Sure, when you go to a hotel, the first thing we end up doing is throwing a couple of those on the ground, but it’s always better to have than not have should your guest want them. Plus, a good decorative pillow adds a touch of class to a room. Who knows, maybe they’ll just want them to prop themselves up when they do a little bedtime reading.

6. Reading Light

Speaking of reading, make sure there’s a lamp on the night table. If you have the option, it would be best if there was a 3-way light bulb in the lamp, so brightness can be adjusted. This is especially good when it’s a couple sharing the room. FYI, if it IS a couple, put a lamp on each night table.

7. Blackout Curtains

Jet lag can be rough on holiday travelers, especially traveling west to east. Having good, heavy-duty curtains to block out that early morning light will be greatly appreciated. Blinds aren’t as effective in keeping out light, neither are most decorative curtains. By all means, keep those if that’s what’s there, but find a way to add in a thicker light blocking curtain.

8. Extra Towels

Again, if there’s an attached bathroom, put a basket with extra towels in there. If not, find another place by the door to put a basket. If you want to go that extra mile, add enough with different colors for each guest staying in the room.

9. Iron & Ironing Board

Especially during the holidays, there’s a high likelihood that your guest will pack nice clothes. Even the best of packers will have wrinkles in those clothes when they get where they’re going. Having an iron and an ironing board in the closet allows them to get those wrinkles out. Place these somewhere where they can be seen clearly. Maybe even leave the closet door open for him/her/them to find. Or if you want to take an extra step, point it out to them when you show them the room.

10. Snacks & Water

No one likes to raid someone else’s kitchen for food or water when they’re a guest. Most likely they’ll just suffer in silence, staying hungry or thirsty or worse, you’ll get some passive aggression the next day. Make life easier for them by providing some snacks and bottled water. Put it on top of the dresser where he/she/they will unpack their clothes, so it’s hard to miss.

11. Clock

This is especially useful for guests traveling from other time zones. Get something that has big, easy to read numbers. Place the clock where it’s also easily visible from anyone lying on either side of the bed. Maybe put it on that dresser with the snacks & water if it’s located in the right place.

12. Family Photos

A nice touch and a good way to make your guests feel at home and welcome is to have a couple of pictures from past visits in the room. Frame them. Either hang them on the wall where they are sure to be seen or stand them up by the clock. We all like to know what time it is, so placing a photo there would be hard to miss.

If you ask any professional hotelier, they will tell you it’s the little things, the details, that make or break a guest’s stay. At the very least, putting the effort out says that you’re thinking about them. A little bit goes a long way.

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