7 Furniture Trends in 2017

When you think of home decor you naturally think of your own personal space. Interior design reflects who you are and how you live. So, of course, you want to fill that space with furniture you’ll love in colors and textures that suit your personality. That’s where a little inspiration comes in handy. And what better way to grab some home decor inspiration than looking at furniture trends for 2017.

7 Furniture Trends in 2017

Let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Bright Green

Home interior trends often start with color, and trusted color expert, Pantone, just announced that Greenery is the color of 2017. According to Pantone, the color represents rejuvenation, renewal and a reconnection to what is important.

You can look forward to seeing this zesty green all over, as inspired designers incorporate it into their furnishings and decor. That means it will be easy and pretty fun to include the color into your space.

Faux Material Full Of Comfort & Promotes Comfort

With all of the technology we handle; glass surfaces and metal edges, a larger trend of comfort has emerged. From fake-fur to velvet, faux leather and mohair; furniture will be covered in affordable fabrics that feel good to touch.

You don’t have to splurge to get a good quality and liveable fabric on your sofa, chairs and rugs. Velvet looks upscale but comes in affordable options; it also happens to be quite durable. A fake mohair rug could be a fun way to experiment with a new texture in your living room.  With faux fabric it’s also easier to try new things that you might have skipped because of the expense.

Padded Bedhead

While perusing online furniture for your bedroom, you should definitely consider the padded bedhead. An upholstered headboard is a big furniture trend for 2017 and doubles as a cozy and classy upgrade to your bedroom.

You’ve seen the padded bedhead in luxury hotels and images of high end, celebrity homes. There are so many options to make the padded headboard personal. Choose from classic, button-cushioned fabrics in neutral shades or go for a statement making, jewel toned color; colors that happen to be another big home decor trend in 2017.

Christopher Knight Home is way ahead of this trend. You can find a great assortment of padded headboards here!

Nailhead Details

You’ve seen nailhead details in upholstered furniture like leather living room sofas and chairs. It gives a little unique edge to a soft, elegant piece of furniture and has a masculine flair.  Accenting a sofa, chair or ottoman with nailheads is still a good way to incorporate the trend.

The new way to try the nailhead trend is as decoration for lighting, credenzas, bedside tables, coffee tables, chests and more. Finding new and creative ways to use nailheads is the way to go.


Granite is out; marble is in and it isn’t just on countertops and in bathrooms. While you can of course incorporate marble in the usual places, the new way this stone is popping up is with fabric, carpet and wallcoverings.

You could hang a print with a marble motif, try a marble-topped side table, lay a rug in marble print, or choose a dresser covered in the pattern. You don’t have to break the bank to get creative with marble.

Cozy Furniture That Promotes Rest

Sometimes you need an escape and maybe you take your technology with you or maybe you don’t. Furniture and interiors that promote “me time” and generally unplugging are a big trend in 2017.

That means daybeds, floor cushions and rugs that are chunky and soft for floor sitting and or reclining. Furniture is being designed for nooks, sunny corners and places to escape in your space.

New Takes On Retro Shapes

Antiques can get expensive but classic furniture designs are desirable and on trend. The furniture industry’s solution? Create new furniture in modern colors, with that retro design. This can be a budget friendly option in addition to the fact that you are getting a sturdy, new piece of furniture that won’t have to be repaired, re-covered or possibly have an unusual odor that you can’t remove. With new options for retro designs you can mix and match eras any way you wish. Maybe start a new trend of your own.

What’s great about home decorating trends is that you really can make them your own. You don’t have to follow trends like following a recipe.  Let them be your guide to new ideas, like say, curling up in your new bedroom with a faux fur throw, zesty green, velvet-padded bedhead, next to a marble-side table topped with a nailhead lined lamp. Get cozy with all 7 trends in one.