5 Cool Handmade Products On Etsy

Once you’ve purchased that signature piece of furniture for your home, the next step is to add personal touches. Create a mood and make your space feel like you.  

This time of year, fun, unique spring accents are just what you need for that special vibe. And handmade products on Etsy offer just that.

Truly unique, artisan made, creative and custom, handmade products on Etsy provide a variety of options you won’t find in your average big box store. And who wants average when it comes to personalizing your space?

Check Out These Handmade Products On Etsy

1. A Handmade Lamp

wooden lamps - Handmade Products On Etsy

A unique lamp is a simple way to make a personal statement in your home. Why choose a lamp you’ve seen in all the big box stores when you can choose a handmade lamp with a cool natural vibe.

Try this wooden floor lamp with a walnut patterned lamp shade. The base of this lamp is made of wood and steel and the lampshade is a satin walnut veneer. So not only do you have the natural wood and steel elements, the light filters through the lamp shade, illuminating the grain of the wood.

You can choose different wood grains, colors and lamp sizes. And bonus, this shade is coated with a thin layer of ecological varnish to protect it from collecting dust.

This handmade lamp is a conversation piece for sure.

2. A Handmade Curtain

shower curtain - Handmade Products On Etsy

A hand dyed cotton curtain is a lovely way to cover a window, door or maybe even accent a bed or closet.  

These curtains are hand dyed using an ombre technique. Ombre is French for shading, and in this case is the gradual blending of one color to another; transitioning from light to dark.

When you want the option of privacy but don’t want to feel stuffy and enclosed, this curtain allows for sun to still flow into the room with a beautiful translucence.

Because these curtains are hand dipped, each one is unique.  There are no hard lines and imperfections make them feel special.  

Infuse your room with that flowy spring vibe.

3. A Handmade Shelf

shelves - Handmade Products On Etsy

You might not think of shelving or storage when it comes to adding personal, fun and unique accents to your home. This rustic shelf from Etsy offers that personal touch; is handmade with wood and steel and is sure to upgrade your bathroom or entryway.

What’s great about handmade products on Etsy is that you can often customize.

This shelf is customizable and made to order.  You can choose your wood stain and shelving options.  

One option is these little crate drawers to organize your stuff.  Each crate has a tiny chalkboard above the drawer pulls; perfect for personalizing or keeping items orderly.

Bring that outdoor feeling inside with rustic wood accents, especially in a bathroom.

4. A Handmade Bowl

Bowl - Handmade Products On Etsy

A stoneware bowl is one of the most versatile handmade products on Etsy. Because these bowls are made individually they are truly unique. The glaze thickness, color mix and variations in bowl shape ensures that no bowl is exactly the same.

This handmade stoneware bowl is made of clay and a mixture of colorful glazes.  It’s safe for the oven and the dishwasher. It is awesome for it’s versatility; it can be used from your kitchen and beyond. Bake dinner, serve a side, use it as a centerpiece, fruit bowl, or simply use as a piece of art on a counter top or shelf.

Bring a little flare and rustic originality to your kitchen table.

5. A Handmade Clock

wall clock - Handmade Products On Etsy

Finally, when it comes to handmade products on Etsy, a clock is a versatile and affordable option. Why buy a clock at a big box store when you can get a custom, handmade clock, built completely from scratch.

All parts of this clock are completely handmade, including the quartz clock movement. This clock has an open face and the wood is printed; made to look like old barn board.    

Not only is this clock customizable with several wood finishes to choose from, it brings the fresh feel of spring and nature anywhere you hang it.