5 Biggest Gardening Mistakes

Gardening is one of our favorite pastimes in the US, but if you’re an avid gardener you know that there are a lot of things that can go wrong. What are the biggest gardening mistakes a beginner can make? There’s almost too many to list! But there are a few common gardening mistakes that you can easily avoid.

5 Biggest Gardening Mistakes

So, let’s look at how to avoid common gardening mistakes.

It’s easy to make beginner gardening mistakes – almost everyone does – but the key is to understand what the crucial gardening mistakes to avoid are. We put together this quick list of the biggest gardening mistakes to keep as a handy guide.

Not Preparing Soil Bed Properly

First Tip - 5 Biggest Gardening Mistakes

A good flowerbed, lawn or vegetable patch is only as good as its foundations. Any good gardener will pay close attention to preparing the soil. Not doing this is one of biggest gardening mistakes you can make.

A soil bed needs three things above all else; good nutrition, good water, and good aeration. If you get this part right, you can grow anything, almost anywhere. This is where the Goldilocks rule comes into play when preparing your soil, i.e. not too much of anything, but just enough. Don’t just use your finger to make a hole for the seed. Soon afterward, the soil dries out and becomes too hard. Young plants can’t penetrate further into the ground, becoming stunted.

What you need to do is churn over the soil bed, preferably twice, adding in compost. That will make the soil loose enough for your plant’s roots to spread properly.

Overwatering/Not Watering Enough

2nd Tip Biggest Gardening Mistakes

The last point mentioned the Goldilocks rule – and this especially applies to water. Some people think that drowning their plants in water is a good thing. After all, don’t plants like water? This is one of the biggest gardening mistakes you can make. Plants and soil have to have a balanced amount of water. Too much water can kill a plant, just the same as too much water can drown a person. Frequently watered plants become tender, which means they will wilt easily

The opposite is also true. Too little water and your plants will surely die. The key is finding a balance for the plant that you’re looking to water.

Not Pruning Enough

3rd Tip Biggest Gardening Mistakes

Plants in their natural state don’t need to be pruned, so if you don’t need to prune your plants – you shouldn’t. However, if you have a tightly packed garden, improper pruning can be amongst the biggest gardening mistakes you can make.

When you’re pruning your trees and other bushes, you should take extra care not to take too much off the branches. If you cut too deep, you can kill the plant. Not only that, but you might accidentally prune flower buds that are scheduled to bloom the following year.

Planting Trees Too Close To House

4th TIp 5 Biggest Gardening Mistakes

This one seems like a real no-brainer but it’s one of the most common errors gardeners make and one of the biggest gardening mistakes you can make.

If you plant your trees too close to your home, you risk damaging your home and enduring an expensive uprooting process if it gets out of control. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to plant a little acorn or another sapling right by your home, but the damage that the roots and branches can do is tremendous. Let alone the damage that can be done in a storm. It’s important to give your tree ample space to grow unhindered.

Planting The Same Vegetable In The Same Place Year After Year

5th Tip - Biggest Gardening Mistakes

This is amongst the most common of gardening mistakes. Planting the same vegetable in the same plot of land each year seems like a sensible thing, but it’s not. It actually damages the quality of your soil and can end up damaging it to such a degree that you struggle to grow anything there at all.

This is why you should use crop rotation. Crop rotation ensures that the soil has a variety of crops from season to season so that it doesn’t suffer from nutrient loss.

Following these easy tips and learning what to avoid, can make gardening a hugely entertaining and fulfilling pastime for everyone. Send us photos of successful gardens. Would love to see them.