How To Stock Your Outdoor Bar

When the weather turns nice, It’s time for outdoor entertaining. Is your outdoor space “party ready?” One thing you don’t want to do is go into the house every time you need to mix or serve a beverage. That is where an outdoor bar becomes an absolute essential.

A quality, attractive, and inviting outdoor, basic bar set up will show your guests that you mean business when it comes to hosting an outdoor shindig. And next? You need to stock your outdoor bar.

Toronto Wicker Bar - how to stock your outdoor bar

Tips For Stocking Your Outdoor Bar

These are the things you have to have when throwing outdoor parties.

Bar Stools

Basic bar stock should start with the seats. If you’ve picked out an outdoor bar that comes with stools, then you are ahead. If you need to purchase a couple of stools for your guests to sit comfy while they wait for you to whip up a beverage, be sure those stools are the right height and style.

Bar stools tend to be a bit taller than counter top stools. Typically you want a bar stool with heights between 29-32 inches. A good rule of measurement is to have 8 inches between the seat of your bar stool and the underside of your bar. Backless stools take up less space and allow people to face all directions for maximum social interaction.

If you still need help figuring this out, watch this video. Chris will explain it in more detail!

Ice and Garnish Storage

When stocking a home bar, you’ve got to have ice. You could use a basic cooler that you take on camping trips or you could find something unique and attractive to store your ice that also looks great next to your bar. Even better if it doubles as a seat or tabletop.

Another great item to stock your outdoor bar is an ice bucket for the top. That way you won’t be constantly bending down for ice by keeping a small reserve on the bar top.

How to stock your bar and make it work for you? A small, outdoor cooler can hold your garnishes and easily sit on the shelf of your outdoor bar. Tupperware or plastic zip bags with lemons, limes, oranges and olives can stay fresh and cool; handy and hidden.

Phaedra Wicker Ice Bucket - how to stock your outdoor bar

Staple Liquor

When it comes to home bar basics, staple liquor is the key. Your home bar liquor list should include: vodka, gin, rum, and tequila. if you buy unique liquor, that means you will have to learn to make unique drinks that you might have ever made before. That’s more work than you need to do. You should make cocktails you feel comfortable making and enjoy drinking. Don’t forget some red wine, white wine and beer.

How to stock a home bar, right? Don’t forget the mixers! Club soda, tonic, juice and soda pop.

A custom, summery drink is only a few ingredients away with soda, juice and liquor.

Also, consider making a signature cocktail that is prepared in advance and easy to serve. It makes for fun conversation and your party more memorable.

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Stock your outdoor bar with utensils that belong solely to your outdoor bar. You don’t want to be running into the house every time you need something.  Home bar must haves: a tray, bottle opener, bar towels, cocktail shaker, shot glass, napkins, ice tongs, stirrers, straws, toothpicks, cutting board and knife.

Utensils are a great opportunity to add a little color or personality to your bar. So consider choosing a tray with a pop of color.

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Attractive, unique, or fun glassware does not have to be made out of glass when it comes to entertaining outside. The great thing about glassware, or in this case plasticware, you can choose multi purpose plastic glasses that look just like the real thing. Don’t be afraid to put wine, a mixed drink or a beer into the same size glasses. You could stock your outdoor bar with two or three sizes then, take your time and build a more robust collection, down the road.

Riviera Wooden Bar - how to stock your outdoor bar

Trash Can

Stock your bar with a trash can. This item can be easily overlooked. But think about it, you don’t want to be dealing with loose trash bags, or dragging your outdoor trash cans over to your new attractive outdoor bar! Something functional that looks like it belongs with your set, is the best way to go.

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Now, go enjoy your party!