Outdoor Living Ideas For Your Patio

Hi, this is Christopher Knight. The weather’s warming up, which means more opportunities to hang outside. Now, it doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment with a small balcony or have a home with a giant backyard. At Christopher Knight Home, we have something that’s sure to be just right for you and your outdoor space.

In this short video, I’ve picked three outdoor patio sets that are perfect for people who’d like to hang or entertain outdoors in limited space. The La Sola 3-Piece Bistro Set is perfect for anyone with an apartment balcony or small ground floor patio. Sip your coffee while breathing the fresh morning air of the outdoors or share a glass of wine with someone special and watch the sunset after a long hard day. It’s made with cast aluminum so it’s lightweight and very durable. At 27-3/4″ high by 23-1/2″ in diameter, there’s some assembly required, but it’s quite easy to put together.

If you have a little more space to work with, the Littleton Outdoor Wicker 5-Piece Dining Set may be what you’re looking for. It’s made from PE wicker, which means it’s easier to care for than standard wicker and much, much more affordable. The table sports a 25″ diameter glass table top, making this table a breeze to clean while giving it an added touch of refinement. Throw a barbecue this summer or enjoy an intimate dinner party with your besties. It’s a round table and shipped with four matching wicker chairs. With the Littleton, you can be neighborly and invite that couple from next door over. The table is 28-1/2″ high or standard table height, and 34″ in diameter, so as long as you have a space about 9′ by 9′, this table will work nicely for you.

If metal is more your preference, the Hallandale Five Piece Dining Set may be more your style. This compact square table is made of weather-resistant cast aluminum and comes with an umbrella hole in the center of the table and wide set legs, so if you wish to be shielded from the elements, adding an umbrella is a piece of cake, and actually makes for a nice outdoor oasis. Make dinners a picnic. The table seats four providing the perfect outdoor alternative for family dinner. If you’re like me, eating outdoors is always more fun! It’s 29-1/2″ in height so it’s in the range considered table height, and it’s an efficient table at 37″ wide by 37″ deep, so all you need is a space of about 10′ by 10′ that will work.

Don’t let space issues stop you from having that outdoor dining experience you want. If your patio or balcony is on the small size, I recommend one of these three sets. If you have a little space more to play with, check out the other options on Christopher Knight Home.