Cool Ways to Decorate with Succulents

You want to decorate your home with fresh, green plants. With best intentions, but busy lives, plants don’t always survive in your home. Luckily, you can solve both your decorating needs and your limited time to care for plants when you decorate with succulents.

There are so many great succulent decorating ideas because there are so many varieties of succulents and they thrive in most environments, so that means every room in your house.

Succulents are low maintenance, have a wide variety of color, texture and size. They are also sturdy and easy to grow which makes planting and placing them in unique ways, pretty simple.

Cactus, jade, agave, ponytail palms, hens and chicks, ocotillo, sticks and zebra. With leaves that are short and plump, long and pointy, willowy, petals, palm fronds and just plain prickly. The many varieties, shapes and sizes will inspire endless combinations and design ideas.

Decorate With Succulents

Put Your Plants In Unique & Unexpected Containers

Succulents are so hardy they can survive in just about any kind of container. Maybe you have some old mismatched cups you don’t know what to do with, or tin boxes, clay pots that used to hold plants, a wooden cigar or jewelry box or maybe a crystal vase or candle holder. There is a good chance that you have unused containers that you wouldn’t mind freshening up or finding a new use for. Placing succulents in different containers that don’t seem related will actually help tie them all together.

Hang Succulents From The Wall

Looking for creative succulent ideas? Hang them on your wall like a piece of art. When it comes to ways to decorate your home with succulents, you can either buy a pre-made vertical succulent garden or try making one as a personal project. A vertical succulent garden is framed and can hang on your wall among your other artwork, pictures or wall hangings. The plants can be small or large and contain as many different varieties of plants as you wish. And while you are hanging things vertically, consider adding a magnet to the your small succulent display and put them on your fridge or other magnetic surface.

Try A Succulents Terrarium

A terrarium is a transparent glass container where you can display plants. Terrariums are great for succulents because you can either choose many small varieties, a few medium or maybe just one big beautiful succulent to put on display. Succulents don’t require much water, and after a little bit of dirt and maybe some decorative shells, glass, or wood, a terrarium is complete and all you have to do is hang it or display it on a shelf. Creating your own terrarium is really simple and allows you to make it personal. You could hang several terrariums together, hooking them or tying them together. Or, you could just feature one larger terrarium all on its own.

Replace Traditional Decorations With Succulents

You can make a succulent centerpiece for your coffee table, kitchen table and dining table instead of a traditional centerpiece of flowers or sculptural elements. Decorate with succulents in your bathroom, or in place of a candle or to replace knick knacks on your book shelves. Succulents also make great outdoor decoration or as party decorations. Succulents can look beautiful and glamorous or low key and homey.

Succulents Spruce Up Your Decor With Unexpected Color

Succulents aren’t all green in color. There are many, many different species in 25 families of plants. With these varieties come color choices. You can find shades of red, orange, gold, purple and white. You can also easily add decorative elements like glass, moss, herbs; anything to add even more color to your succulent display.

Because succulents thrive in many types of containers and don’t require a lot of care, you can easily move them around your house and reorder what rooms they live in. Shuffling plants is a simple way to redecorate and freshen the feel.  Succulents go with other succulents. The colors will never clash. Its nature’s way of making it easy.