Small Space Decorating Tips

Decorating a small space can be a challenge. But just because small space decorating is a challenge, does not mean it can’t be fun and rewarding. Maybe you have one room in your house that you are struggling to decorate or maybe your entire living space is just small.

Here are your small space dos and don’ts.

Five Things You Should Do

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

One of the best small space decorating solutions is to use furniture that has multiple purposes. A tufted ottoman with storage not only gives you seating and storage, it can also double as a table or cozy spot to put your feet up in front of the sofa. Another great multi-purpose option, especially for apartment decorating, is an adjustable stool. An attractive stool can obviously be a seat but also doubles as a flat surface for a plant, lamp or your beverage.

Two Can Be Better Than One

If you have the option for one large sofa or two smaller love seats; two love seats give you more options and more seating. Same goes for chairs. Two narrow chairs placed next to each other obviously provide more seating and if they are armless, even better. You can still have a cozy. stuffed chair with ottoman in the room, because that also allows for two seats.

Define Your Space With Furniture Or Accessories

When it comes to small space decorating, it’s helpful to define how to use the space with an area rug, accessory or piece of furniture. Shelving units create walls where none exist and two rugs in a room can designate an area to sit and socialize and an area to work.

Use A Headboard In Your Bedroom

First off, headboards can be very comfortable to lean against while in bed, especially a nicely tufted option. So in that case, you are already getting multi-purpose in your bedroom. Headboards also create a nice, visual, vertical element; drawing the eye upward and creating the illusion, of more space.  

Try See-Through Furnishings

If you can see through it, it doesn’t appear to take up space. That’s the fun part of having Lucite chairs, a glass desk or using a lightweight, skinny shelving unit as a desk. A small office is a great room to try multipurpose, see-through furniture.

Five Things You Should Not Do

Don’t Neglect Vertical Space

When it comes to interior decorating dos and don’ts, don’t be afraid to put tall,vertical furniture in a small room. Tall shelving helps to create height and it adds function to space you might not normally use. A small bathroom becomes very useable and looks much more spacious with a tall shelving or cabinet unit. You can use it for storage, to place attractive accessories and to hide things you use every day when company comes over.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Patterns, Prints & Colors

Using all white or light colored solids is not one of the suggested small space decorating tips. Patterns on rugs, accessories, a signature chair or even a piece of furniture is great design and shows character. And most importantly, does not make the room look smaller. Obviously white on walls might make the room feel more open, but what if this is your favorite room that you like to get cozy in?

Don’t Do Arms On Chairs

The dos and don’ts of decorating dictate that chairs without arms just simply fit better in a space. And a lot of armless chair designs are usually built more streamlined. You can fit more of them next to each other and they are easier to slide under tables. And if you feel like putting your feet up, well that is easier to do, too, when two armless chairs act like a bench.

Don’t Push Furniture Against The Walls

Of all the small space decorating mistakes, pushing furniture against the walls is probably the most common. It may feel like there is more space to move around,but, you can actually fit more in the space and create a balanced and open vibe by giving every piece a spot in the room. Even that lamp needs to “float” in the room, if only a few inches off the wall. That open area between the walls and the furniture, actually creates depth.

Don’t Ignore Small Or Awkward Spaces

You may think that a corner space or little narrow nook under a window isn’t usable. But little nooks and crannies can become perfect sitting or storage areas with the right small space decorating ideas. Shelving, an armoire, a bench with storage; all of these furniture pieces can transform your awkward space into something useful and maybe even become your favorite spot to spend time.

Hope these tips were helpful in decorating your small space!