Keep Pets Safe On Halloween

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the entire year. With the candy, crazy costumes, and ducking for apples – it’s fun for all the family. Well, maybe with one exception; your pets. Keeping your pets safe on Halloween is something that a lot of people only think about after something bad happens to their beloved pet on the scariest night of the year.

Getting some Halloween safety tips for pets is always a good idea if you’re a conscientious owner, and it can save you a world of heartache should something go wrong. But don’t worry – it isn’t too difficult to keep pets safe on Halloween and it’s mainly an exercise in common sense. By taking a practical, proactive stance and constantly asking “how do I keep my pets safe on Halloween?” you’ll spot any potential problems before they arise.

Top Halloween Pet Tips

These Halloween pet safety guidelines will keep your beloved animals safe and sound. You can make Halloween safe for pets with just a few easy steps.

Avoid Chocolate

Your kids might love chocolate, but your pet won’t love it if they accidentally eat some. This is something that could easily happen when there’s so much candy lying around, but you really have to keep your pets safe on Halloween by keeping chocolate well away from them. Chocolate can be extremely toxic to cats and dogs especially, with dark chocolate being particularly toxic. Even a small amount is enough to give a cat or dog an upset stomach and a large amount can be fatal.

Fire Danger

Halloween celebrated at night and that means one thing – flammable material. Everything from a Jack-o’-Lantern to fireworks can be a fire threat, especially when your pets are involved. A carelessly placed Jack-o’-Lantern can easily be tampered with by a hungry or curious pet, and if tipped over can easily cause a fire with other flammable decorations lying around. If you want to keep your pets safe on Halloween, you need to keep them away from anything even remotely flammable.

Fireworks are an even bigger danger. Keep your pets away from the launch zone and display radius of fireworks, because the bright light and loud noises can cause them to flee into flammable decorations or out into traffic.

Costume Safety

Dressing up your pets in scary or cute costumes can sound like a fun idea but it isn’t the ideal situation if you want to keep your pets safe on Halloween. Costumes can constrict your pet, causing them anxiety or cutting off circulation if it’s a particularly tight outfit. Ideally, you wouldn’t dress your pet in anything more fanciful than a decorative collar but if you really can’t resist, it’s best to choose a costume with plenty room for your pet to breathe. Also make certain that there are no snagging bits that might trap your pet if they like to wander, especially when there might be unfamiliar house guests (trick or treaters) showing up in the dark.

You also need to check your costume for possible choking hazards. A costume with a lot of dangly items might look cute but these are a real danger if your pet decides to try and eat them!

Following these guidelines will help you to keep your pets safe this Halloween, so that the only really scary thing you see is the weighing scales the next day!