Our Values

1Seek Out Quality

We infuse our products with a simple and straightforward dedication to this principle.

2 Strive for Value

Find new ways to maximize affordability for our customers without sacrificing quality.

3Be Responsive

We listen and learn from our partners, and we continually work to improve and streamline our efforts.

What People Say About Us

About Christopher Knight Home

The Christopher Knight Home brand was created by Christopher Knight, bringing together a number of furniture industry veterans, a lineup of talented designers and a posse of key internet marketing wizards in a targeted effort to reinvent the way people shop for home furnishings. Our aim is to evolve the experience of buying home furnishing so that shopping for furniture “online” becomes a consistently satisfying experience.

“If buying furniture “online” can become second nature, it’ll become the customer’s first choice.”
– C. Knight 2012

Buy online without hesitation…
Online shopping is advantageous for many reasons (ease, convenience, selection and comparison to identify a few) and these benefits holds true for furniture. Yet the nature of furnishings can make a person hesitate when attempting to purchase online. When all you have to go by is a photograph, essential aspects can be difficult to assess. It is in this area, overcoming the obstacles of the online furniture sale, that we intend to be a leader in the online furnishings marketplace. Our aim is to make available a list of support items and product facts providing all the information necessary to make a confidently informed purchase decision.


Our Work…